The oil in your Subaru is its lifeblood. With the correct amount of fresh oil in the engine, the moving components will be properly lubricated and protected against the buildup of heat. Keep reading to learn the signs that your Subaru vehicle needs an oil change.

Signs Your Subaru Needs an Oil Change

Manufacturer Recommendations

If you’re not sure how long it’s been since you had the oil changed, it’s probably a good idea to get it in for this service. You can always check your owner’s manual to be sure of the proper interval. Your Subaru BOXER® engine requires precise attention to ensure it continues to perform at the highest level. Changing the oil at the designated mileage interval — anywhere from 3,000 to 10,000 miles — will help it stay on the road.

Oil Level

Checking the oil levels in your vehicle once a month helps you stay aware of any changing conditions inside the engine. When you pull out the dipstick, wipe it off, reinsert it, and remove it again. Where does the oil land? If it’s between the minimum and maximum markers, you’re okay. If the oil level is below the minimum, you’re running low and should get the car in for service.

Oil Color

If the oil appears transparent and amber colored, then you have new oil in the engine. If it’s silty or dark in color, the oil is used and should be replaced. If you notice the oil looks milky, coolant may have leaked in, which could indicate a bigger issue.

Oil Feel

You can rub a little bit of the oil on the dipstick between your fingers for this one. If the oil feels gritty or coarse, it could contain contaminants or dirt. That means it’s definitely time to get it replaced.

Get Your Oil Changed in West Palm Beach, FL

When you hit the magic mile marker for an oil change, head to Schumacher Subaru of West Palm Beach for Subaru service in West Palm Beach, Florida. We offer Subaru service couponsYour Subaru won’t last long without regular oil changes. But how often is regular? Read our blog post to determine that for yourself. to save you some money on your next appointment.