Few parts of your Subaru have more impact on your safety and performance than your tires. You know that no set of tires can last the entire lifetime of a car — no matter how high-quality it is. But how do you know for a fact that it’s time to bring your Subaru in for car tire service?

Tires generally last around 50,000 miles under normal use. But if you notice any of the following four signs, it’s time to visit the Schumacher Subaru Service Center in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Signs You Need Car Tire Service

Diminished tread

The more worn a tire’s tread becomes, the harder it is for your car to maintain its traction on the road. It’s easy to spot when a tire has gone completely bald, but it doesn’t have to reach that point before it becomes unsafe. As a good rule of thumb, your tire’s tread should never drop below one-sixteenth of an inch — especially if you’re accustomed to driving on slick surfaces.


It’s never a good sign when the surface of your tire is “blistering,” even if the tread is sufficient. Such bulges that extend outward from the tire indicate structural damage. If you ignore them and continue to drive, you could be flirting with a blowout.

Cracking in the sidewall

Like bulges, cracks generally occur away from the tread of your tire — but that doesn’t make them any less cause for concern. A tire that has developed even tiny lines or fractures in the sidewall is more prone to leaking. That means it’s also more likely to go flat — or worse — blow out.


An increased amount of vibration can signal a number of car problems, including tire issues. If you notice shaking, especially on rough surfaces and when braking, there’s a good chance one or more tires are to blame.

The structural integrity of your tires isn’t always the culprit. Sometimes you simply need an alignment or rotation. That’s why it’s a good thing that we’re qualified to handle those services, too.

Schedule Service in West Palm Beach, FL

You don’t have to risk your safety or the safety of your passengers. Schedule tire service today at Schumacher Subaru of West Palm Beach, and maintain your peace of mind. Our Subaru service coupons can make things even easier on you when you visit us for your appointment.